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Our project center is located in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. We have been recognized as a quality provider of software and hardware project solutions for the students in order to carry out their academic Projects. We at Hosur Technika, help you to gain more practical sources of knowledge and advice which help you to successfully complete your project, dissertation or thesis. We will guide you to successfully choose your project topic corresponding to your interested domain. Our project center as a vision to provide the best quality projects to the students in hosur we invite them from the stream of Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics, Electricals, MCA and MBA engineering students to carry out their academic project work at our institute.We offer academic projects at various academic levels ranging from graduates to masters (Diploma, BE, M. Tech, MCA, MBA).

As a part of our vision to provide hands-on experience to the students in their academic projects in Hosur, we invite them from the stream of Computer Science & Information Science, Electronics, Electrical, MBA, MCA and IEEE projects to carry out their academic project work at our facility under the guidance of industry experts.

The students will be provided with Full-fledged by our project center in Hosur. We also offer them the necessary guidance & tools to help them to complete their academic projects in the most professional way. Our focus is on developing Industry specific projects with the interaction of industry experts.

Our comprehensive technical facility allows our project center team to get results & would probably help the students to get exposed to newer tools & technologies while projects are being developed. Most of our efforts are aimed towards showcasing new technologies & delivering worthful projects to students.

Top Project Center In Hosur

Doing your project at Hosur Technika is not only gives you knowledge on real-time project implementation, but also helps you to equip yourselves for the corporate industry. Hosur Technika project center team will help you with designing, developing and deploying/executing your projects. We provide best in class career oriented & real-time projects in Hosur for students pursuing B.E, B.Tech, M.E,, MCA, Bsc & Msc. We help students in completing the project with a detailed explanation of Project development. Training will be provided on each and every module by our highly skilled project development team with faculties having more than 10 years of experience in the industry & project development.

What is a Project?

projects in Hosur. A project is the culmination of the degree – it gives students a chance to demonstrate all they have learned. The project module is very different from other modules. Although students are supervised, the onus is on the student to define the problem boundaries, to investigate possible solutions, and to present the results in writing, verbally and in action. Apart from an initial briefing session, there are no formal lectures to attend. Teaching consists of regular individual/small group meetings to discuss progress. For assessment, students submit reports of their progress and final results and give in-person presentations and demonstrations of their work.

How to Select a Project?

Hosur Technika Innovations supports Academic Research projects on various domains.In Today's job market where there is an increasing number of jobs every day, the best source of getting some good hands-on for an IT & other branches professional is the project.

Project work is completely new to some of the graduates and is a clean slate to start from. It is unstructured and a blank canvas. Earlier they have been used to theory and lab courses. Theory courses came with prescribed textbooks and lab works are described as term works to be carried out in the lab. Compared to them project work is a completely different, the theory courses and lab works may not helpful here. It was a common goal and a particular approach or strategy. Unexpectedly project work is a determination of common goal and group approach.

Every year, many engineering scholars need to plan themselves for their major projects.A project plays an extraordinary role in demonstrating the effectiveness of studying results of modules that the students have taken throughout their studies.

The real purpose of an academic project

The purpose of a project is to provide students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned, their intellectual abilities and practical skills in solving real, or close to real life engineering problems. These problems may take the form of an investigation or the development of engineering hardware, software or both. The objectives of the project are:

The project tests students' ability to:

1. Design, engineer and evaluate quality systems.

2. Make good decisions.

3. Work to a professional code of conduct.

4. Communicate technical concepts both orally and in writing.

Engineering Based Project Center In Hosur

Engineering Projects are meant to act as a bridge between therotical learning and practical implementation. Working in project gives much needed hands on experience, judges your eligibility to document and present , and a chance to work in team just like how it happens at corporates.It should serve as a stepping stone before one embarks on a corporate career. Hosur Technika is the best project center in hosur. Hosur Technika offers IEEE 2019 projects for BE/B.Tech Students and also ME/,MBA,MCA,Diploma and othe Project Work also we taken and complete effectively.

Mini Projects

We are a leading Mini Project Center in Hosur for Diploma & Engineering Students(UG & PG) and Research Scholars. At Hosur Technika, We provide mini projects in for, M.Tech, Diploma and in vast departments such as CSE/IT, ECE, EEE, MCA, MBA & IEEE also available. We are doomed to take action as a connection between academic learning and handy execution.

Main Projects

With Hosur Technika, you can do all your engineering main projects on the latest technologies along with our project experts that help in your presentations. These innovative engineering projects have been researched and compiled based on your individual specific to make it easy for you to for your project presentation. The skills, in addition to your technical skills, can only be groomed by doing engineering projects. So start to join and build your projects with Hosur Technika that actually works!

Importance of Major Project

No matter what sort of project you select, make sure that you take time to consider all the pertinent factors. There are many reasons to say projects that you carry out in hosur are important:

1. The major project is the greatest single piece of work we will do throughout our graduation.

2. It empowers integration of material learned in the course.

3. That allows us to specialize in a subject we are delight in.

4. In the interview point view, the employees will most likely ask questions about the project.

Our expert trainers are available around the clock to guide students. Project process includes Synopsis / Abstract guidance, Domain selection guidance, Detailed classes on projects, Lab Practise.

Your Search For Project Ends Here! Come And Join Us For Real Time Project Exposure With In-Depth Training.

All Department Projects

Throughout the project, students are expected, with guidance from their supervisors, to do things and obtain information for themselves. Literature review, which provides the students a broader perspective of the work they are engaged in, is an essential part of the project. The projects are also organized with a view to develop their ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing. The verbal skill is developed through constant meetings and discussions with supervisors and assessed via an oral presentation towards the end of the projects. The writing skill is developed through report writing. These reports form the major part of the final assessment.

In this students are trained, when necessary, how to use hardware, software and IT effectively in order for a successful completion of the project. They also have to learn to how to optimize the outcomes under various constraints. Student progress is continuously monitored throughout the project duration. It is through these rigorous approaches and procedures that it is ensured that in end of the exercise, students are able to show competence in the following areas:

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Our Project Center is meant to act as a bridge between therotical learning and practical implementation. Working in project gives much needed hands on experience, judges your eligibility to document and present , and a chance to work in team just like how it happens at corporates. It should serve as a stepping stone before one embarks on a corporate career.

Benefits Of Doing Project In Hosur At Hosur Technika

Being a professional graduate pursuing your degree in the field of computers, the need for your project and your implementation on the same must definitely be a remarkable one for your future career. We, as Hosur Technika offer projects in the various need for the day ,such as ,JAVA/JEE, DotNet, Android, BigData, IOT, PHP, Oracle, Ns2(Network Simulation), UNIX and Python and implementing them in the domains like Cloud Computing, DataMining, Web mining, Real-time Surveillance, Networks, Network Security, Artificial Intelligence, Intrusion Detection, Visual Cryptography, Neural Networks and so on.