ECE Projects In Hosur

Mini Projects

Our project centre in hosur are always in high demand. Hosur Technika brings you the most innovative list of well-compiled ECE mini projects for electronics and electrical students. Get mini projects for ECE students in Hosur with a circuit diagram for your study and research. We research and provide innovative mini projects topics for ECE research. Implement these top most innovative mini projects ideas for electronics engineering. Mini projects form a middle ground for all segments of electronics engineers looking to build. We compiled a list of interesting and practical mini project ideas for you to work on. Let’s look.

Main Projects

We have delivered successfully embedded projects to our B. Tech and M.Tech students approved with IEEE projects standards. Our programs are specially designed by ECE expertise for best results of Embedded projects for ECE students. ECE refers to Electronics and Communication Engineering. This one of the most demanded branches in engineering as the students who join in this branch would have many opportunities in their career. Every engineering student should complete their project successfully in the to get their engineering certificate. They have many choices in selecting the projects such as microcontroller based, solar, electrical, robotics, sensor-based, etc. Every ECE Embedded project is designed to make a clear understanding of the concept and execute that embedded engineering concept to make a better world.


1. Android Circuit Breaker

2. Android Controlled Automobile

3. Android Password-Based Remote Door Opener System Project

4. Android Password-Based Remote Door Opener System Project

5. Android Controlled Remote Password Security

6. Android Controlled Railway Level Gate Control

7. Android Controlled Remote AC Power Control

8. Robot Controlled By Android Application

9. Android Controlled Robotic Arm

10.Android Controlled Based Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera

11.Android Controlled Pick And Place Robotic Arm Vehicle Project

12.Home Appliance Control Using Android Application Project

13.Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot

14.Smart Floor Cleaner Robot Using Android

15.Motion Based Maze Solver Using Android

16.Home Automation Using Android

17.Programmable Sequential Load Operation Controlled By Android Application Project

18.Density-based traffic controller with the android overriding ability

19.DC Motor Speed Control By Android

20.Hovercraft Controlled By Android

21.Android Antenna Positioning System

22.Android Controlled Notice Board Project

1. IOT Paralysis Patient Health Care Project

2. IOT Car Parking System

3. IOT Smart Energy Grid

4. IOT Based ICU Patient Monitoring System

5. IOT Weather Reporting System

6. IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System

7. Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT

8. IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection

9. IOT Patient Health Monitoring Project

10.IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor

11.IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System

12.IOT Garbage Monitoring System

13.IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System

14.IOT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System

15.IOT Smart Mirror With News & Temperature

1. RFID Based Smart Master Card For Bus Train Metro Ticketing

2. Wifi Based Secure Wireless Communication Using RSA

3. Solar Powered Battery Charging With Reverse Current Protection

4. Multi-Robot Coordination For Swarm Robotics

5. Wearable Health Monitoring System Project

6. Automated Night Lighting System

7. Zigbee Based Gas Fire Detection System

8. Short Circuit Indicator Project

9. Sun Tracking Solar Panel Using Arduino

11.Object Tracker & Follower Robot Using Raspberry Pi

12.Bill Prediction & Power Factor Measuring With SMS Alert

13.Induction Motor Speed & Direction Controller

13.DC Motor Speed Control Using GSM

14.Mini Windmill Power Generation Project

15.Raspberry Pi Wheelchair With Safety System

16.IR Wireless Underwater Communication System

17.Multiple Cities Load Shedding Using ARM

18.Automatic Lemon Juice Vending Machine

19.Solar Peizo Hybrid Power Charging System

20.Zigbee Based Room Temperature Controller Project

21.Induction Motor Speed Controller Project

22.Arduino Based System To Measure Solar Power

23.Hybrid Inverter With Solar Battery Charging

24.Fingerprint Based Bank Locker System

25.Fingerprint Vehicle Starter Project

26.TV Remote Controlled Home Automation PIC